Write a while loop in javascript

Such a loop, just like any other, can be stopped with the break directive. If the Condition is True then the statement or group of statements under the while loop block will be executed.

We can also move the label onto a separate line: After incrementing the process will be repeated until the condition results False.

Executes once upon entering the loop. The ordinary break after input would only break the inner loop. Please refer Increment and Decrement Operators in JavaScript article to understand the functionality Again it will check for the condition after the value incremented.

The code like this will give a syntax error: If the Condition is False then compiler will come out of the loop and execute other statements outside the while loop. For example, if we take this code: As long as the condition is True, the statements inside the while loop will be executed.

While loop start with the condition, if the condition is True then statements inside the while loop will be executed. It means, while loop may execute zero or more time and the syntax of while loop is: For example, it is impossible to do this: We can actually remove everything, thus creating an infinite loop: It stops the loop immediately, passing the control to the first line after the loop.

Normally the loop exits when the condition becomes falsy. Next we have to use Increment and Decrement Operator inside the while loop to increment and decrements the value.

Working with loops

If you are new to loops, then maybe it would help if you go back to the example and reproduce how it runs step-by-step on a piece of paper. For single statement curly braces are not required but if we omit them for multiple statements then it will execute the first statement only.

Here x is always 1 and x is always less than 10 so while loop statement will go on execute infinite times. Instead it stops the current iteration and forces the loop to start a new one if the condition allows.

Loops: while and for

Surely, we can just wrap the code in the if block instead of continue. So the alert is only called for odd values. A label is an identifier with a colon before a loop: Next, Value inside the number variable will be tested against the while condition.

In this case the execution jumps to the next iteration of the labeled loop. Using this value, compiler will add those values up to It is always good practice to use braces all the time.

The while loop

Labels come to the rescue. But we can force the exit at any moment.

How to create a while loop in Javascript

The directive continue helps to decrease nesting level A loop that shows odd values could look like this: We covered 3 types of loops:The do while statement creates a loop that executes a specified statement until the test condition evaluates to false.

The condition is evaluated after executing. When a while loop begins, the JavaScript interpreter checks if the condition statement is true. If it is, the code between the curly braces is executed. If it is, the code between the curly braces is executed.

The do/while statement is used when you want to run a loop at least one time, no matter what. JavaScript supports different kinds of loops: for -.

do/while - loops through a block of code once, and then repeats the loop while a specified condition is true; Tip: Use the break statement to break out of a loop, JavaScript While Loop. JavaScript Reference: JavaScript do while Statement. JavaScript Reference: JavaScript for Statement.

While Loop in JavaScript - Do While Loop. JavaScript Tutorial Variable Operators If-Else Switch Statement While Loop For Loop For-in Loop Functions Events Cookies Page Redirect.

Loops. Suppose you are asked to write a program to print numbers. Will you write lines to perform the same task again and again?? While Loop. While as a. While writing a program, you may encounter a situation where you need to perform an action over and over again.

In such situations, you would need to write loop statements to reduce the number of lines. JavaScript supports all the necessary loops to ease down the pressure of programming.

For, While and Do While LOOP in JavaScript (with Example)


Write a while loop in javascript
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