Write a paragraph about your family in spanish

Write sentences the way you speak - just pretend you are talking toa friend, and write down what you would say. Day 62 Speaking is a great way to enhance your language learning. Practice so you can learn.

Include at least 5 sentences. This story is read with the pronunciation used in Spain, which is a bit different from that of Latin America. The sooner you get started writing, the sooner you will be finished! On vacations we see the grandparents. How could you explain your topic so that your friend would understand it?

You can see the names of the furniture items as you click. It is literally translated as "The father of Carlos" into English. Your project should be grammatically correct, including the use of appropriate punctuation and accents.

MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. I am tall and creative. If you need to, you may look up unknown words in your online dictionary. Show off what you know! You need to know the words on your vocabulary list by Day We hope you find the examples provided in the lesson very useful.

Day 55 To incorporate the vocabulary and grammar you have learned in this chapter, you will be required to make a comic strip. WikiAnswers will not write your paragraphs for you, but we WILL help you learn how to do it yourself! Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it?

It is not that common, but it is a valid case. Pretend you are just talking to a friend. How could you tell your friend all the events in order? Listen for words whose meanings you can guess. How would you write a paragraph about your house in spanish? Look up some facts if you need to!

This is on youtube. Can you place nouns and adjectives together? Mi hermana es bonita. Family members - Los miembros de la familia.

La familia – Describing your family in Spanish

A Carlos tiene un hermano y una hermana. Mi hermano se llama Alan. Please remember your honor code and do not use online translators! Mi padre usa lentes, y mi madre tiene pelo negro.

How do you write a paragraph?

What would you tellthem about this topic? My family in Spanish My family is small. Mis abuelos son divertidos y nos quieren mucho. You can use this template. My sister is pretty and my dad is hard-working. The sentences should not just be subject and verb.

How do you write a narrative paragraph about sadness? Make sure to practice with the quiz at the end of the lesson once you check all the examples.Spanish Writing Final.

STUDY. PLAY. Write a paragraph of at least 6 sentences in which your state your name, where you are from, your likes/dislikes, and what classes you take. Write a paragraph of at least five sentences in which you describe at least one member of your family.

What is he or she like physically?

write a paragraph about your family

How is he or she in. I very much enjoyed your paragraph and the portrait of your family! If you'd like to revise with a focus on only grammatical issues (as opposed to the questions of style and personal taste that. Nov 30,  · I have to write a few sentences in Spanish using the past present and future tense.

can you help me? The paragraph is below and the first part of the paragraph is past the second part is present and the third part is future, but how do i write this in Spanish?

Describing your family in Spanish using SER and adjectives Describing your family in Spanish is really easy as most of the time we will need three things: a family member, the verb SER and an adjective in Spanish, that is words to.

Apr 08,  · i need to know how to write a spanish paragraph describing my famil. i have 13 members and i need to write their age what they look like and their personalities.

i have a grandma, 2 sisters, 2 brothers, 2 uncles, 1 aunt, a mom, 1 neice, and 1 mi-centre.com: Resolved. You'll learn to introduce a list of family members and easily describe your family in Spanish by using the examples in this lesson.

Talking about your family in the Spanish oral

SpanishLearningLab. There are so many relatives and we could simply write a long list with all of them, but making list of words is not how you learn a language. Talking about family members in Spanish.

Write a paragraph about your family in spanish
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