The troop surge and the iraq war essay

Blunt bemoaned the fact Republicans had "become the defenders rather than the challengers of business as usual. And, after we were able to report further progress when we testified again in Aprilhaving already commenced the drawdown of the surge as well, we were able to gain still further time and support for our efforts in Iraq.

But the Iraqis are not yet ready to do this on their own. The surge forces clearly enabled more rapid implementation of the new strategy and accompanying operational concepts; however, without the changes in the strategy, the additional forces would not have achieved the gains in security and in other areas necessary for substantial reduction of the underlying levels of ethno-sectarian violence, without which progress would not have been sustained when responsibilities ultimately were transferred to Iraqi forces and government authorities.

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With many of the oil pipelines damaged or destroyed, electrical towers toppled, roads in disrepair, local markets shuttered, and government workers and citizens fearing for their lives, government revenue was down and the provision of basic services was wholly inadequate.

The uniformed leadership has opposed sending additional forces without a clear mission, seeing the idea as ill-formed and driven by a desire in the White House to do something different even without a defined purpose.

But there were costs. Keane arguing that several thousand additional soldiers could be used to improve security in Baghdadand others expressing doubt about that proposal. The extra forces were critical to achieving progress as rapidly as we did, but they would not have been enough without the other components of the campaign.

On more than one occasion as the early months went by, in fact, I sat alone with Gen. None of this could have been possible were it not for the extraordinary sacrifices and service of the men and women in uniform in Iraq during the surge and their diplomatic, intelligence, and development community partners.

Many thousands of Iraqis were swept into an archipelago of US or Iraqi prisons for offenses — real or imagined. Brave and patriotic to be sure, and volunteers all.

Troop surge in Iraq

Eventually, we also supported Shiite awakenings in some of the areas troubled by Shiite militias. Consequently, violence rose throughout the first five months of the surge, reaching a crescendo in May and June, to well over attacks per day, before beginning to abate and then falling fairly rapidly in July, August, and September of The Labour-led foreign affairs committee said boosting American forces on the streets of Baghdad even further would not bring an end to the violence, and was unlikely to succeed.

We must constantly refresh our ideas, assess our performance, and make corrections when necessary. I was well aware that there had previously been reconciliation initiatives that had worked in the short term. Improving security was necessary, but not sufficient, to achieve our goals in Iraq.

Iraq War troop surge of 2007

Under the capable leadership of then-Lt. Dispelling the myth of the successful surge begins by measuring it against its own metrics for success: As a result of all this, Iraqi politics are now mired in mistrust and dysfunction. Sir Graeme Lambe, a friend and colleague of many years, and then by the establishment of a Force Reconciliation Cell that was headed by a talented two-star British officer and an impressive senior U.

It also determined that due to Iraqi perceptions, the use of United Nations peacekeepers in place of US or coalition forces could achieve the same results with a smaller troop increase.

But improved security could be achieved only by moving our forces into urban neighborhoods and rural population centers.Dec 16,  · As The Iraq War Ends, Reassessing The U.S.

Surge When 30, additional U.S. troops entered Iraq inthe tide of the war turned. The surge was widely credited — but was it the only cause. The US troop “surge” in Iraq in "gradually decreased violence", since it was thought that the sudden influx of troops "shocked" the enemy into /5(23). In the context of the Iraq War, the surge refers to United States President George W.

Bush's increase in the number of American troops in order to provide security to Baghdad and Al Anbar date: The goals of the Iraq surge were spelled out explicitly by the White House in Jan. Stop the raging sectarian bloodletting and reconcile Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds in the government.


The Troop Surge and The Iraq War Essay

Because of Obama’s troop withdrawal, and his general refusal to exercise American power, Iraq collapsed, ISIS rose, and the Middle East fell apart. “We had it.

A positive result of the war in Iraq was that it ended the regime of a brutal leader.

How We Won in Iraq

This graph shows the number of American troops in Afghanistan from to

The troop surge and the iraq war essay
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