The reasons why drive thru customers choose kfc and mcdonalds

Now, with more than 5, outlets in over 1, Chinese cities, it dominates the Chinese fast food market. Although statistics measure not only drive thru efficiency but other factors as well such as customer satisfaction, crew efficiency for serving and bussing tables, number or sales, and overall return on investment per quarter or per annum, the drive through statistics have been observed to have a decline and this does not in any way serve fast food chains in a good way.

Regardless, competing close to rivals can bring out the best of a brand in addition to giving customers choice.

7 Things You Didn't Know About The Drive­-Thru

Most of the fast food chain operators and managers are now putting efforts to make their services improved when it comes to speed and accuracy, so that in the future years, a better customer satisfaction rating can be achieved. However, in the recent years there has been an observed decline of fast food statistics concerning drive thrus since speed has not improved.

Our research sheds light that competing firms can learn and benefit from each other in their expansion into a foreign market although the type of learning and benefit varies by firm.

Fast Food Statistics Concerning Drive Thrus in the Recent Years

It opened its first outlet in in Shenzhen, the special economic zone bordering Hong Kong where the firm then had its regional headquarters.

That same year, the top most accurate drive through was from Chick-fil-A which served the most correct set of orders at Pros and Cons of Drive Thrus for Both Consumers and Producers According to various studies, having a drive thru option increases the sales of fast food chains since they offer more accessibility to their consumers.

Because of this, the accuracy of each order was also tested. If a chain is The reasons why drive thru customers choose kfc and mcdonalds about the local market and its potential from its rival, then it is more likely to expand into markets where the rival registers higher sales revenue since it signals that the rival understands the market.

If that is the case, it is more likely to see the competition effect dominating the positive spillover effects of rivalry. Another factor which affects the customer satisfaction and feedback apart from speed is accuracy. It is known that lately there have been changes in the menu items offered by different fast foods and that these items are usually more complex that others.

For producers, the increased sales is always welcome which is why despite the decline of about 20 seconds when it comes to speed for their drive thru services, they continuously better themselves to please not just the customers but to have higher sales for them as well.

Probably because such markets do not yield as much potential as those it chose to enter — perhaps the market is not familiar or ready for Western fast food.

Consumers Pick KFC for Healthy Meals … Wait. What?

An example of such instance is the fact that some Taco Bell menus have about 12 items and when compared to tacos from Doritos Locos, assembly time would take more for a Taco Bell crew even when all the factors are given at a level playing field for both crew members from the different fast food chains.

There are two potential reasons — market learning and demand expansion. Thus, some companies set up shop far away from competitors to enjoy a larger market share. Since the new items offered in various fast food chains require more complex preparation or at times more ingredients, it is understandable that there is an expected additional time for finishing the product.

We observed that KFC typically enters the capital city of a province first and then expands to nearby cities. Instead of having to get down the car and order from the counter, those who would like to order and have their food on the road or for eating at home can opt to go for the drive through services instead.

These insights serve KFC to know better which market has innately more potential with growing demand for fast food. KFC, it seems, may have a better understanding of local Chinese consumers.

Unfortunately, there has been a decline in the drive thru performance when fast food statistics were reviewed in the recent years. Some of these are even those which are called limited time offer items which send a horde of people to the counters as well as the drive thrus. Her research interests include emerging markets, nonlinear pricing and social networks.

More often than not, KFC has the first-mover advantage. Some consumers even prefer drive thrus over falling in line and admit that this is a faster way to get their order. Although it stays within the range of about minutes for every customer, it should still be the goal of the fast food managers to oversee the speed as well as the accuracy of their crew to guarantee customer satisfaction.

In its initial years, it limited its entry to cities in the southeastern part of China close to Shenzhen and a few other major cities elsewhere in the country. In contrast, why would KFC not enter a market first? According to Brian Baker who is the president of the Insula Research group, people now tend to be dissatisfied when the service takes longer than minutes and being able to stay within that range is deemed acceptable by the consumers.

Competitors and companions: KFC and McDonald’s in China

Fast Food Statistics Concerning Drive Thrus in the Recent Years Posted on by Editorial Staff One of the best conveniences of fast food chains is that they offer consumers the option to go for drive thru. Then it steadily expanded to the north, the central area, and the west.

These fast food places are, after all, dependent on the sales they get from satisfied customers which is why paying attention to them is a must. However, speed is not the only determining factor since customers also tend to be displeased when they find the wrong burger or wrong side along with their order.

But what if the market is reaching saturation? Novel concept When KFC opened its first outlet in Beijing init introduced what was then a novel Western concept to the Chinese — fast food. Such cultivation expands demand for Western fast food which attracts KFC to enter.

For consumers, there is nothing worse than seeing the wrong burger when they get at home, or having paid for a more expensive item when what they ordered was, in fact, a cheaper menu offer. Hence, a firm may be more likely to stay away from its rivals.Best Fast Food Restaurants Top Ten Best Restaurants C-BEAR Top Ten Reasons Why McDonald's Is Bad nintendofan Best Fast Food Restaurants In the United States anthonybecerra Top Ten Reasons Why Burger King Is Better Than McDonald's nintendofan Most Underrated Fast Food Restaurants htoutlaws Top Ten Reasons KFC is Better Than McDonald.

The first McDonald's drive-thru was located near military base Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, But perhaps the biggest reason McDonald’s has been a success for so long is its ability to weather storms. Though the trajectory for McDonald's has been primarily upward throughout its existence, the company has had to weather several challenges.

Competitors and companions: KFC and McDonald’s in China.

Top Ten Reasons KFC is Better Than McDonald's

We found that a rival’s presence drives a chain to expand but, in the case of McDonald’s and KFC, for very different reasons. Novel concept. 15 Kent Ridge Drive Singapore +65 ; [email protected] There has been a decline in the drive thru performance when fast food statistics were reviewed in the recent years.

How Has McDonald's Been So Successful for So Long?

Click here to read on the reasons. Fast Food Statistics Concerning Drive Thrus. Fast Food Chicken Prices from KFC, Popeyes, and Chick-fil-A; McDonald’s and Starbucks Join Forces To Eliminate Plastic Straws. Consumers Pick KFC for Healthy Meals - A new study by CFI Group uncovers the reasons why diners choose quick serves.

How Jack in the Box Plans to Reinvent the Drive Thru ; Why Speed Doesn't Always Rule in the Drive Thru ; Guests Can't Order at Chipotle's New Drive-Thru Lanes. The Reasons Why Drive-Thru Customers Choose KFC and McDonald's.

The reasons why drive thru customers choose kfc and mcdonalds
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