The affirmative action is a contradiction to itself

In each of these areas, there have been judicial decisions asserting the principles of group and equality of results that define historical development and rationale of the policy are best illustrated, however, in employment discrimination law.

On the outside, this seems perfectly fine and would result in equal access into educational resources to all minorities. If you were lowering the bar then youre making it easier for students to pass, not harder.

Universities should not be so focused on the racial make-up of their student body. More importantly every year students are denied not because of their incredible GPA, service hours, awards, and SAT scores but because they were not the race the college was looking for.

This entry was posted in Uncategorized by Megan. If we go along with the poorly applied metaphor in the first place, just because a kid is told that they only have to doggie paddle it doesnt mean they will all progress to that level and then simply stop advancing.

Thus, the vicious cycle of self-doubt begins, and these men and women depend more and more on the government to get them a job or get them into college, because they feel they are not qualified enough to do it on their own.

One of the most controversial, even to this day, is affirmative action. Affirmative Action term papers Disclaimer: Currently, many universities have some type of affirmative action policies that ensure that their student body remains diverse.

As a general description of civil rights policy, affirmative action comprehends such matters as school desegregation, voting rights, housing sales and rentals, university admissions, the activities of federally funded agencies, and public and private employment. The free Affirmative Action research paper Affirmative Action essay presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service.

Many blacks do just fine on their own and have advanced pretty far in society without the need for affirmative action.

Asian-Americans are essentially living proof that racial minorities are able to overcome systemic oppression through developing a culture of work and perseverance.

However, they have also transferred over into higher education. Affirmative action focuses on the results of the procedures used by public and private organization measured with respect to racial balance, rather than on the existence of procedures that assure equal treatment of individuals irrespective of race, ethinicity or sex.

Affirmative action is now a tool against Asian-Americans across the nation. A great number of them will keep going and advance their skills which some couldnt have had the chance to do had they not been given extra lee-way to work with in the first place.

Affirmative Action – Justice or Racist? (Opinion)

The idea was first introduced through people like Martin Luther King Jr. Many white majority members have a very hard time being accepted to college or being funded through the government, because affirmative action relegates the percentage of acceptance and aide each group can receive.

Affirmative Action hurts Minorities

Various laws and constitutional amendments have been passed to increase the equality of women and minorities in America.

Affirmative Action was founded by President John Kennedy on the idea of equality. While diversity is important and should be maintained, it should not be given a greater value than providing the most deserving and most needy students with a proper education.

Before we address a lot of the issues with affirmative action itself, there is certainly merit to a lot of claims proponents of the policy defend. It can therefore be described as a civil rights policy, promised on the concept of group rather than individual rights, which seeks equality of result rather than equality of opportunity.

In fact, affirmative action embodies ideas that are philosophically anti-ethical to the principle of equal protection of the laws that are the basis of equality of opportunity.

Affirmative Action/ Affirmative Action term paper 7413

This is the diversity that society seems to seek: Twenty or thirty years ago this policy was in desperate need but now it is ineffective and out of date.

Affirmative Action — Justice or Racist? Rather than trying to fill quotas so that there will be an acceptable number of African American or Latino students in their upcoming freshman class, perhaps universities should consider the socioeconomic status of the people applying, along with their merit, to determine acceptance.

Discrimination may not be as overt as it was sixty years ago, but it is still a huge problem in American society. Setting their sites to boost the economic status of minorities, but knocking them back a century is what the government has achieved thus far. Why do we overlook that, at one point, Asian-Americans were essentially forced into a system of slavery and denied basic opportunities to resources?

But what happens to intellectual diversity?So, therefore Affirmative Action is a contradiction of itself, because it was made to make things fair for the disadvantaged, but because it does that, the once advantaged become the new disadvantaged.

The Contradiction of Affirmative Action Posted on January 25, by Megan While many may be inclined to feel that discrimination is at an end in the United States, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

" Affirmative action itself is soft bigotry which lowers the bar for certain races and thus sets up students to fail." Its literally a contradiction to claim that lowering the bar for certain races sets up students to fail.

Affirmative Action1 essaysAffirmative Action: A Contradiction In Itself Affirmative action is a term of general application referring to government policies that directly or indirectly award jobs, admission to universities and.

simply, equal status.

The Contradiction of Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action (hereafter referred to as AA) was intended to be a policy that ended individual discrimination and promoted equality. It ended up being a policy that acknowledges and ultimately pursues preference, not equality, in hiring and admittance practices (among others) for minorities and women based on a group status.

affirmative action with resistance to implementation of focused on the nature and dynamics of the debate itself have highlighted a very different source of disagreement. They in seeming contradiction to the characterization of the af.

The affirmative action is a contradiction to itself
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