Shisa nyama business plan sample

Through a structured customer discovery process, we have validated the key customer problem as they need to create customers relationship. Competitors We have a number of competitors within the Cleaning Servics and Restaurant market. This means that their average customer is quite affluent, and that they will probably have expensive cars which they want to keep in mint condition.

This is a critical issue for our selected target market of small enterprise. These strategies are a tactical implementation of our overall business goal as outlined above. We consider our key competitors to be: The milestones that will be achieved over the next 2 years are: This technology and approach is powered by HyperQuestions.

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The Customer The Zone Shisanyama and Carwash has been created with a clear focus on the needs of our customers. Milestones Measurement of the successful implementation of our strategies will be governed by measurable development milestones.

There are no other car washes in the vicinity that offers a good quality service like this, at affordable rates, and thus Wishy Washy has no direct competitors in the area.

Being in the middle of a business centre, they will most likely attract the local businesses that have company cars and would need them washed on a regular basis.

The business will reach a yearly net profit of R48, by year three. The Business Objectives When as a key component of our growth strategy we consider it critical to identify and outline our business objectives, and align these objectives with clear and measurable development milestones.

The average income of residents in this area is estimated to be over R70, a year. These services have been developed over 1 month with a core focus on addressing the key customer problem and associated opportunities.

Plan your next project at http: The owner of Wishy Washy believe in the value adding qualities of happy employees, and will focus on employing only the best workers, at more than the minimum wage.

We believe that we can compete effectively with Why Not Shisanyama by Unique braai place and carwash. The Business Wishy Washy will aim to fulfil three types of needs in the car wash industry, namely interior cleaning and vacuuming, exterior hand wash and detailing.

Wishy Washy is an exclusive hand car wash, and will be serving the Bellville community. It is critical that we balance revenue growth with the growth in our cost base. The most lucrative option, however, are the six different car dealerships that operate in the area and the owner of Wishy Washy will target his marketing efforts on them.

Key Strategies Over the next 6 months our focus will be to Marketing my business daily. This capability has taken considerable time and resources to develop and forms the cornerstone of our competitive advantage. Our key long term business objective is to grow profitability.

Whilst the desire for profitable growth may constrain our growth rate, it is more important that revenue growth in plan is readily available. 7 //07 Everyone has a drive and that drive is what gets them to see through their business day - Here at Bonfaya we have a few internal and external motivations that get the team going!

WHAT DRIVES BONFAYA. An employment equity plan will be drafted following the Department of Labour’s providers, e.g.

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chesa nyama. The entrepreneur hopes to obtain a contract Because the business will use efficient carwashing equipment and machinery, its staff. according to the plan submitted. 19 /10/06 a business licence. 19 /06/02 shisa nyama tavern lower umfolozi special licence InJohn Thamsanqa became one of South Africa’s.

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We strive to assist our franchisees in every aspect of the business. We provide marketing support, countrywide above and below the line advertising, ambassadorial support which all contribute to strong brand awareness.

Business Plan Template This business plan template is a great tool for your startup to customize to reflect your strong qualifications, experienced team, and marketable business .

Shisa nyama business plan sample
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