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Unfortunately, George does not realize how dangerous Lennie can be, and this lack of foresight adds to the downfall of their dream. Their farm is a place where they can live together, have animals, grow their own crops and, in general, feel safe. Some critics believe George represents that doomed man who longs to return to Eden.

While George never really believes in this farm, Lennie Of mice and men speech it with childlike enthusiasm. His one chance to avoid that fate is his relationship with Lennie, which makes them different from the other lonely men.

To underscore the situation, Steinbeck adopts restricted third-person narration and employs a tone that can best be described as uninvolved. Without Lennie, George would be a loner. Lennie offers George the opportunity to lay plans, give advice, and, in general, be in charge.

George also gives him advice and helps Lennie when overwhelming forces, like Curleyscare him. Candy finds them and they discuss their plans for the farm with Crooks, who cannot resist asking them if he can hoe a garden patch on the farm albeit scorning its possibility.

Of Mice and Men

There is writing promoting social change, writing punishing injustice, writing in celebration of heroism, but always that base theme. It is only 30, words in length. His love for soft things conspires against him, mostly because he does not know his own strength, and eventually becomes his undoing.

Knowing a man well never leads to hate and nearly always leads to love. Characters I was a bindlestiff myself for quite a spell.

Themes In every bit of honest writing in the world there is a base theme. I worked in the same country that the story is laid in. It is lush and green and inhabited by all varieties of wild creatures.

Lennie was a real person. While George can be very rational and thoughtful, he also gets frustrated and angry with Lennie because the big man cannot control his strength or actions.

While he acts with great loyalty to George, he has no comprehension of the idea of "loyalty.

Lennie has little memory, but the story of their dream is one he knows by heart. However, her spiteful side is shown when she belittles them and threatens Crooks to have him lynched.

They hope to one day attain the dream of settling down on their own piece of land.

Of Mice and Men Critical Essays

When the other ranch hands find the corpse, George realizes that their dream is at an end. Where George has sharp features and definite lines, Lennie is "shapeless. He then shoots and kills Lennie, with Curley, Slim, and Carlson arriving seconds after.

They are different from all the other guys, and George realizes only too well that they have a special bond. At one point, Curley loses his temper after he sees Lennie appear to laugh at him, and ends up with his hand horribly damaged after Lennie fights back against him.

The characters are composites to a certain extent. She uses her sex appeal to gain some attention, flirting with the farm hands.

Every time he makes George tell their story, his enthusiasm excites George, too. Curley and Carlson look on, unable to comprehend the subdued mood of the two men. Of the two men, he is the one who thinks things through and considers how their goals can be reached.

Of Mice and Men: Chapter 2

When the rest of the world gets complicated and scary, petting soft things helps Lennie feel safe. A young, pretty woman, who is mistrusted by her husband. A "jerkline skinner," the main driver of a mule team and the "prince of the ranch".

George keeps the dream out in front of the huge man as a goal: For this reason, he begins each chapter with a compendium of details that allows readers to envision the scenes much as they might were they watching a staged presentation.

I worked alongside him for many weeks. Significantly, Steinbeck begins and ends the novel at the campsite.Of Mice and Men study guide contains a biography of John Steinbeck, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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Album Of Mice and Men. Of Mice and Men: Chapter 2 Lyrics and his slow speech had overtones not of thought, About “Of Mice and Men: Chapter 2”. Of Mice and Men at a Glance Book Summary About Of Mice and Men; Character List Summary and Analysis Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Character Analysis.

In the book, Of Mice and Men, nobody's plans of their future turns out as they expected One of the themes in Steinbeck's book was the dreams of each character's future. However, at the end of the story, everyone's dream was destroyed by someone or something.

Of mice and men speech
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