Misinterpretation and its consequences essay

This result from lack of willingness by the victims to give the information following fear of victimization and withdrawal of support from the offenders who might be the bread-winners of the families involved. It seems as the Americans wants to keep their guns no matter what the price.

Special treatment and access of medication by the victims of domestic violence or abuse and stalkers should be put in place to allow the collection of information and to allow the reporting of various cases of abuse.

That means that not only do other international governments see a direct relationship between guns and death but even the American people. This is a temporary solution to ever-growing problem.

These are alarming statistics show the brutal reality of firearms in the U. It is however the duty of any government to institute laws calling for harsh punishment of the offenders and inculcate prevention measures through education of the masses.

Essay: The Consequences of Guns

There are aboutincidents, from assault to murder, that involve firearms every year and they results in 35, deaths, including suicides and accidents, in the U. In October, a 16 year old boy shot and killed his girlfriend and her best friend while they were exiting a Mississippi school leaving six others wounded Liesen, Owens.

This, coupled with community based therapies, will aid in avoiding false accusations on basis of misunderstood advances by one person or another.

The American public is feeling the horrendous effects of violence that the second Amendment brings and many realize that something has to be done to decrease the annual death toll due to guns.

Guns nevertheless are very often used as an intentional device for killing or harming another individual. Governments in other western countries usually make adjustments to their gun laws in direct relationship to violent incidents.

The role played here is to instill a sense of confidence in every other member of a family on their rights and on the importance of information on abuses inflicted on them.

The abuse can be targeted at one of the partners or at the offspring. More than 1 in 20 had brought a handgun to school, in other words it was quite a common practice among youths. As such, there have been instances where the authorities have behaved as though they condone the practice.

Education of the masses, as a tool of creating awareness on the available protection laws and on the factors that define a crime of stalking or domestic violence holds key to unravel the crime. This effects, without a doubt, the whole society structure and the citizens that live within its boundaries.

The provision of medical facilities for the victims is important. There is not much time for second thoughts and not much time for people to react.

Negatively, domestic valence is in the rise, a crime committed in the very areas where one should feel safest.

Contemporarily the police department preserves the safety of society and the need for armed citizens is out of date. The lawmakers in the United States are addressing the problem by putting up metal detectors in schools. Parents might just get the news from police officers that their son or daughter had become victim to a stray bullet while attending history class.Name of a drug, general knowledge for using a particular medication, its therapeutic dosage and its possible side effects to monitor are some of the key elements in drug information a nurse should not over look (Cima and Clarke, ).

Abstract The paper intends to determine the causes and effects of communication breakdown in national association of mass communication students. The essay will work towards identifying areas of weakness and strength of communications applied in the. THE INTERPRETATION AND MISINTERPRETATION OF ISLAM This is a huge topic to cover, so today I will talk about the ultimate authority in Islam – the Quran, and how it can be misinterpreted and used to falsely justify politically.

The novel explores the coming of the white man and its effects on the culture of the people of Umuofia. The coming of the white man brought about culture conflict which affects the people of Umuofia’s religion, their agriculture, their judicial system and their social life.

The data analysis is a very important stage in any research work as it is a prerequisite to present the findings of a study. In effect, it is a process which cuts across all stages of the study and is "more than coding, sorting and sifting" (Seidelp.4).

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Misinterpretation and Its Consequences - Julius Caesar Theme Analysis Essay Misinterpretations are the root of all tragedies, especially Julius Caesar.

They have severe consequences like the loss of innocent lives, conflicts between friends, all the way to our inability to discern our friends from our foes.

Misinterpretation and its consequences essay
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