Maintain individual excellence

Needs assessments, asset mapping, community collaboration, and marketing and public relations strategies will all help the manager and the agency deal with the environment Lewis, Acheiving and Maintaining Organizational Excellence, We will now take a final look at the importance of leadership in human service management and then review some specific ways in which individuals, groups, and the organization as a whole can engage in ongoing change and development Lewis, Acheiving and Maintaining Organizational Excellence, New staff need to be oriented, and an ongoing program of staff training and development should be created, based on a needs assessment.

Fund-raising and writing proposals for grants or contracts are key management activities. The third discipline is shared vision, which is basically self-describing. Acheiving and Maintaining Organizational Excellence. Attention to all of these factors will contribute greatly to the quality and effectiveness of the most important asset to the organization: Information Systems One major issue of importance is a well-designed information system.

Then, criteria for jobs must be developed and staff must be hired. The writer was required to list personal and driving forces as well as current aspirations for each of the following topics of condition: Planned change, conducted by a leader, lower-level staff, or consultants, can help keep the organization maximally effective and responsive to its environment.

The staff also need to be compensated fairly and fittingly with a reward system of some sort.

Personal mastery is a discipline of continually clarifying and extending our personal vision, of focusing our energies, of developing patience, and of seeing reality objectively Model 1.

Political trends including transference of formerly federal responsibilities, privatization of services, and increased accountability demands are likely to continue Lewis, Acheiving and Maintaining Organizational Excellence, Managing the Environment A human service supervisor will need to monitor trends in the environment constantly, from the local and state levels to the federal and, sometimes, the global level.

Team learning discusses using dialogue to work through difficult situations. Part of the accountability process is the preparation of periodic financial reports and the completion of an annual fiscal audit.

The use of volunteers, prevention of burnout, and employee assistance programs are other important aspects of human resource management. The writer was also instructed to examine the five disciplines of Peter Senge, including Personal Mastery, Mental models, Shared vision, Team learning, and Systems thinking, and conduct a self-assessment of personal skills for growth.

The author conducted a self-assessment of the skills for growth in each of the following five disciplines. Retrieved October 31, Lewis, J.

Leading and Changing Human Service Organizations. With personal mastery, a person must set aside the time and energy necessary for continued learning and personal growth Model 1. Jobs should be designed to accomplish program purposes and be fulfilling for staff.

Financial Management It is usually after the program model has been identified and the necessary staff selected, that budgeting can begin, by estimating expenditures. Staff should be evaluated annually, using techniques such as behaviorally anchored rating scales, management by objectives, or critical incidents.

Achieving & Maintaining Individual Excellence Essay Sample

For instance, the author has not been supervised, or having had a supervisory role while employed, for many years so it was quite challenging to try and construct a force field analysis and list personal restraining or driving forces as well as the current thoughts or desires of the above topics.

Striving for a diverse agency workforce is important. Mental models are important to consider and bring to surface because they shape how a person understands other people, and the situations everyone faces.

Whether right or wrong, they inform the decisions and actions a person makes. An annual budget is created and may be updated during the year. The assignment required the writer to formulate a framework for achieving and maintaining individual excellence in life, and the skills necessary to develop further in life.

Certain economic trends will always be relevant: To have an effective supervising relationship starts with the usage of suitable models of leadership and motivation.

Social and organizational complexity will, if anything, increase, requiring managers to look clearly at wider aspects of society and anticipate change further into the future. In addition to leaders, other staff, even at the line level, can and should function as change agents.

Supervision It is through supervision, that human resources are encouraged. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Managing the environment, planning and program design, Human resource development, Supervision, Financial Management, Program evaluation, Organizational design, and Leadership within organizational change.

Individual Excellence

On occasion, consultants can provide valuable outside expertise to aid change processes.Achieving and Maintaining Individual Excellence BSHS Achieving and Maintaining Individual Excellence Individual excellence is pushing yourself to surpass other’s expectations and excel in everything you do. Individual traits, ethics, values, experiences.

Achieving and Maintaining Individual Excellence Paper It is true that most people want to stay away from stresses of life but when we want to be successful. Free Essay: Achieving and Maintaining Individual Excellence Paper Where does a person develop the lesson of personal growth and learning?

I believe it is. Individual Excellence Kary Waelchli BSHS July 16, Michael Moore Individual Excellence Goal setting is a basic principle, yet essential in the strategic planning process for realizing, and attaining personal and professional success.

Home › Individual Personal Performance – Committing to excellence is possible to all individuals regardless of ability, age, condition or experience. To achieve your potential somewhere deep inside you must create a belief that you can do it. Individual traits, ethics, values, experiences, and individual performance help develop and define a person’s individual excellence on a personal and professional level.

Individual excellence will lead a person to be a better leader, manager, supervisor, and a better person in any organization.

Maintain individual excellence
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