Literary analysis of the book iron and silk by salzman m

And those who do not entreat him to become either, bestow heartfelt gifts upon him as a genuine show of gratitude for the simple honor of having made his acquaintance.

Iron and Silk

This is a memoir of his experiences while in China. He learns of a people who will walk a hundred miles to repay a debt and encounters a felon who is respectful of his feelings. Salzman himself narrates and stars in this obvious labor of love, with some of the other characters playing themselves as well.

This section contains words approx. Mark and his colleagues arrive together in the city of Changsha where the Hunan Medical College is located. One of his biggest passions in life is martial arts.

They might have been criticized Instead he feels concern and is hurt that their pure natures are being compromised. At the age of thirteen, he enrolled in a Kung Fu school where he studied martial arts, calligraphy, and ink painting. The area of China Salzman lived in is still not often visited by Westerners.

To condense the story, several characters from the book were melded together into the single character of Teacher Hei, a woman who helps Salzman navigate the nuances of Chinese culture; and Ming, a forward-thinking young woman who captures his heart, was altered and expanded into a much more significant role than her original character in the book.

He had studied kung fu, Chinese art and calligraphy.

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Mark learns that to be a true martial arts competitor, he must learn to develop his internal strengths that are referred to by the Chinese as "qi" and "gong fu.

In the early s few Chinese had themselves traveled beyond their own villages, let alone to other countries. He befriends an old fisherman who feels so honored that Mark is his friend that he promises to buy him his own fishing boat if he agrees to live with him and his family.

Mark receives much support from the dedicated and knowledgeable people who he encounters at school and in the community. But the comrades in the office, like anyone else, would rather do something silly than stupid. Many, if not most residents of Changsha and the surrounding countryside have never seen a foreigner, much less met one who speaks Chinese and who is also highly skilled in their indigenous martial arts.

The various people he meets — professors, bureaucrats, fishermen, students — come to life as he describes their clothing, customs, habits, living conditions and demeanor. Most likely, a limited budget was to blame, as Iron and Silk is a very small, independent cinematic work.

After two years, Mark heads back to the United States. They are dedicated and respectful people who are loyal to their friends and family. He speaks of no regrets and attests to the increased admiration and respect he has for China and particularly its people.

The book is told in a series of vignettes, and divided into sections. Salzman is an astute observer and writes in a clear yet atmospheric way about his experiences. He had studied kung fu, Chinese art From the back cover: They disdain arrogance and shun any sign of disrespect.

I was a little disappointed to not have more information about the classes he taught and the students he encountered, though there are a few scenes about those experiences. At Yale he majored in Chinese Literature.

Well worth watching, but read the book first. These curiosities open many doors for Salzman, who is met with a willing teacher or an eager student at every turn.This first book of his, Iron and Silk, a memoir of time spent in China, was totally charming.

Excellent writing, a keen eye, and a sly, self-deprecating sense of humor marked Salzman as a writer to watch/5. Buy a cheap copy of Iron and Silk book by Mark Salzman.

InSalzman flew off to teach English in Changsha, China.

Iron & Silk - Chapter 4 Summary & Analysis

He writes of bureaucrats, students and Cultural Revolution survivors, stripping none of their Free shipping over $/5(5). Iron & Silk by Mark Salzman l Summary & Study Guide by BooKRags This study guide includes the following sections: Plot Summary, Chapter Summaries & Analysis, Characters, Objects/Places, Themes, Style, Quotes, and Topics for $ Buy Iron and Silk (Vintage Departures): Read 97 Kindle Store Reviews This book is the stuff of legends!

Iron & Silk Summary & Study Guide

'Iron and Silk' one of a triad of books by Americans teaching in China. As a group, these books together clearly illustrate the blind men and the elephant that is China. out of 5 stars Iron and Silk by Mark Salzman.

For me this /5(97). Iron and Silk is a autobiographical novel written by Mark Salzman.


It describes his experiences in China as an English teacher and as a student of Kung Fu. The book was later made into a film of the same mi-centre.comy: Canada. IRON AND SILK. by Mark Salzman. BUY NOW FROM Kirkus Reviews Issue: Jan. 1st, MORE BY MARK SALZMAN. Nonfiction. TRUE NOTEBOOKS.

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Literary analysis of the book iron and silk by salzman m
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