How to write a care label

So in the same example, if a jacket is made of a wool and acrylic blend and has suede patches, start by listing all the fibers in the blended fabric, and putting suede as the last fabric on the list. The Rule exempts products sold to institutional buyers for commercial use.

Handkerchiefs, belts, suspenders and neckties Non-woven garments made for one-time use Piece goods sold for making apparel at home Exempt piece goods: Clothing care labels for every need Have you ever bought clothes with no garment care label stitched to it, and wondered how to wash it correctly without damaging them?

Labeling Piece Goods Manufacturers and importers must provide care information clearly and conspicuously on the end of each roll or bolt of fabric. Reasonable Basis You must have a reasonable basis for all care instructions, including warnings. If the pants would be harmed by ironing, the label should read, "Do not iron.

Cabinet dry cool -- cabinet dry at room temperature. Line dry in shade -- dry away from sun. To comment, go to www. Exemptions to the Rule Q. If a tag is used, it should be attached so that it will not separate from the bolt until the last piece is sold.

Laundry Labels - Specifications

May care instructions be on the back of another permanent label sewn into the garment? The Rule lets you provide more than one set of care instructions, if you have a reasonable basis for each instruction. This instruction is not complete, even if no other warnings are required and ironing is not necessary.

Clothes Captioning: Complying with the Care Labeling Rule

Is it proper if the bleach portion of a washing instruction says "Do not use chlorine bleach"? When should "Professionally dryclean" be used? For example, "Professionally dryclean, reduce moisture, short cycle, tumble warm, no steam" would mean any commercially available solvent could be used, the moisture addition to the solvent should be reduced, the cleaning time should be reduced, the warm setting should be used for tumble drying, and steam should not be used in pressing or finishing.

Two categories of piece goods are excluded from the Rule: While some consumers look for the convenience of drycleaning, others prefer the economy of washable garments.

Mislabeling or not including the proper label on a garment intended for resale could result in fines. If the product cannot be cleaned by any available cleaning method without being harmed, the label must so state.

Employ laundering methods designed for residential use or use in a self-service establishment.Now that you know how to create a clothing care label, you need to know how to write the content of you clothing labels.

While it may seem simple, writing content that meets all of the listed requirements can be much more complicated. Does a care label that states "Professionally wetclean" comply with the Care Labeling Rule?

A. No. The subject was of considerable interest during the last amendment proceedings, and is discussed at length in the Care Labeling Rule Statement of Basis and Purpose.

The safe cleaning method listed on the care label is, in effect, a care warranty.

Threading Your Way Through the Labeling Requirements Under the Textile and Wool Acts

address and write directly to the company, describing your problem. You can also contact the Federal Trade Commission by writing to: Consumer Response Center, Federal Trade Care Label Symbols Author: Bridgett W.

Smith. The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Care Labeling Rule requires manufacturers and importers to attach care instructions to garments.

How to Write Care & Content Labels for Garments

Updates to the Rule for writing a care label became effective on September 1, Laundry Labels. THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILSupport your customers and make your product easy to use and to care for.

Printed Labels - Composite Laundry When it comes to finding the right care label for your clothes, you can also decide to upload your own image and we will manufacture it for you. Writing a Care Label How to Comply with the Amended Care Labeling Rule What To Write On The Label: Q.

What is the minimum washing instruction that can be noted on a care label? A. Care label means a permanent label or tag.

How to write a care label
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