Grameen danone case study

Yogurt requires proper storage in order to retain the same level of quality. Critics, however, accused Play Pump distributors of addressing the wrong aspect of water security — the pumping mechanism. When is a program worth saving and when is it time to direct funds elsewhere?

In some cases, the installation of the Play Pump made it more difficult to access water than it had been previously a video on using the Play Pump versus a traditional hand pump can be seen here.

When the Grameen-Danone venture was announced, it received near-universal acclaim and was hailed as a ground-breaking partnership.

In short, the Play Pump was an innovative approach towards improving access to water by combining the water pump mechanism with playground equipment. We are only at the very early stages, but we have about a dozen initiatives using the same approach starting around the world in the next year, in both developed and developing countries.

This was due to several factors, including the following: Grameen Danone is the latest example of the hybrid model. If we are to encourage creative solutions to development challenges, we must be willing to accept that mistakes can and will be made along the way and promote the opportunity to constructively learn from them.

By Priya Bapat, Humanitas Global Development Anyone working Grameen danone case study development knows that ideas that seem amazing on paper do not always translate into highly successful programs once implemented. As a result, Grameen Danone operated at a loss.

The case of Grameen Danone is similar to another now infamous project — the Play Pump.

Grameen Danone Foods Ltd. a Social Business Case Solution & Answer

In this first of two blog posts on the subject, we will examine the case of Grameen Danone and the challenges it faced when operations began in Bangladesh.

However, a significant challenge for the company is finding a way for the yogurt to reach its intended beneficiaries and having that understanding early on — before programs are implemented. In addition to combating rural malnutrition, yogurt production operations would provide numerous jobs to dairy producers, factory workers, and the Grameen sales ladies — women who would operate as local distributors in rural areas.

How did it come about? In order to ensure its replicability, the business must be cash flow sustainable in year two, and generate a return on capital exceeding its cost after year three. Grameen sales ladies did not treat yogurt sales as a full-time income generation activity, but rather as a source of supplemental income.

The social enterprise combined the strengths of the private sector and non-profit sector to create a profit-generating business that would also address the major problem of child malnutrition in Bangladesh.

Case Studies

As mentioned in a previous blog postinnovative programs are highly prized in the development community. Serious SRI investors could find publicly listed hybrid companies a real option in their investment choices; foundations could find ways to reconcile their investment and donation activities; and socially and environmentally conscious individual shareholders, consumers and citizens might find it a way to directly and profitably contribute to causes they would like to support.

Although the Shokti yogurt remains safe without refrigeration for a period of time, the yogurt becomes more liquid in consistency and is less appealing to consumers.

Grameen Danone Foods Ltd., a Social Business

Can we be creative enough or naive enough, some would say to invent hybrid value business models — that is, profit-generating, cause-centric business models? While Shokti Doi is more affordable than other yogurts on the market, this did not translate into high sales within the Base of the Pyramid BOP.

Innovative programs that face difficulties in implementation become hard to judge.

Case study – Grameen Danone: a case for ‘hybrid’ models

All field programs, particularly new or pilot programs, require a great deal of fine tuning and adjustments to account for unforeseen issues that inevitably arise.

Mainstream SRI-oriented investors fail to see that genuinely implemented CSR might in the short term affect the earnings or even the economic value in the medium term of the companies in which they invest.

There are some indications that suggest that yogurt is considered a luxury item and is not regularly consumed by low-income people. They could open up ways for companies to sharpen their commitment to their social missions and modify their fundamental governance.Grameen Danone Foods is an attempt to do this.

Based in Bangladesh, its aim is to ‘reduce poverty through the implementation of a community business model’, producing and delivering fortified nutritious yogurts to poor rural villages.

Session 3. Henson Danone Grameen Case Study 1. Spencer Henson (IDS)Delia Grace (ILRI)Building a Framework for Assessingthe Impacts of Efforts to EnhanceAccess to Nutritious Foods Through In-Depth Analysis of the Grameen DanoneFoods Ltd Case. Case Studies. December 11, 0.

Social Business Spotlight: Impact Water By The mission of Grameen Danone Foods speaks for itself: to reduce poverty by bringing health through food to children using a unique community-based business model.

Yunus Social Business believes in the power of business to end poverty. Our Philanthropic. Grameen Danone Foods Ltd. a Social Business Case Solution,Grameen Danone Foods Ltd. a Social Business Case Analysis, Grameen Danone Foods Ltd.

a Social Business Case Study Solution, Grameen Danone, a joint venture between the Grameen Group (a subsidiary of Grameen Bank) and Groupe Danone, $ 2 billion (revenue) French food. the author has selected Grameen-Danone Foods Limited (GDFL) as a case study.

The endeavor of this paper is to elaborate the relationship between social business and sustainable development, describe.

Grameen Danone Foods Ltd. a Social Business Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case of Grameen Danone is similar to another now infamous project – the Play Pump. In short, the Play Pump was an innovative approach towards improving access to water by combining the water pump mechanism with playground equipment.

Grameen danone case study
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