Fun critical thinking activities for middle school students

You might ask them to come up with a list of 10 must-have items that would help them most, or a creative passage to safety. Subscribe for free home delivery Email: Others invite students to think up word pairs to add to the activity.

Write a word or phrase on the board. Its rules are deceptively simple: Are you an elephant, a gazelle, a Siamese cat, or a falcon?

Pair students with opposing viewpoints together. Students sit in a circle. Tell the rocks to move to one side of the room and the feathers to move to the other side.

Team work; sportsmanship Last year, he did the activity with his all-boy and all-girl classes. Tell them that you will ask a question that gives them a choice, and they will have to answer and explain why their choice is true.

United States, High School, etc. Let their creativity work here. Keep it Real This open-ended concept is simple and serves as an excellent segue into problem-based learning. As the group goes around the circle, it will become more and more difficult for each group member to think of a new way to "read" the paper.

One teacher posted to Middle-L some examples of four-choices questions: One person in a circle begins by throwing an imaginary object in a manner that suggests its characteristics: For a unique variation, set up a multi-directional game by tying ropes in such a way that three or four teams tug at once.

For example, are they rocks or feathers? Ask your students if they are a rock or a feather. She hold a B. Problem-solving; communication While education technology is a basic and crucial component of the 21st century classroom, educators must still ensure that students are engaging with each other in meaningful ways.

Opposing Debates A major aspect of critical thinking is considering opposing viewpoints, and this activity will require your students to do so.

For example, if the word is "tomatoes," their words could include "too," "toes" and "same. Put a word phrase on the board.

Communication; creative collaboration 4. Ask them to work together to concoct a solution that ensures everyone arrives safely. I hope these activities are useful for you. Separated, without the competition of girls in the class, they will talk about the double standards they face, how they pick role models, their fears and successes, and the pain of death and divorce.

Team-building exercises are a great way to do this, and because of this, they will never go out of style. Problem-solving, creative collaboration 3. It could be a "Dear John" letter, a summons to court, a party invitation, etc.

What I hope for most in my life is Are you a mansion, a farmhouse, an apartment, or a semi-detached?Games and Activities for Developing CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS The activity pages in the Critical Thinking Students should also get some time to do some research, and to think about how they want to represent their character’s views.

Critical Thinking Activities for Middle School

The class will split into groups. What follows will be a 20 min. cafe-style conversation about the. Students must be engaged and cooperation must be practiced, and often. The following team-building games can promote cooperation and communication, help establish a positive classroom environment and — most importantly — provide a fun, much-needed reprieve from routine.

Creative & Critical Thinking Activities for the Middle or High School Classroom I've used the Whip Around activity very successfully with my high school students - in fact, I've had classes that virtually beg me to let them have a Whip Around session.

Pivotal Person can be fun, too. I hope these activities are useful for you. by Lee Watanabe-Crockett | Mar 31, | Critical Thinking How can students own their learning with critical thinking activities they’ll really love?

Allowing our students to take stands on issues that matter to them engages the classroom in a. A Critical-Thinking Activity.

Middle School. "The students always laugh when I tell them their options.

The students seem to like it, and I enjoy learning more about them." Fun Activities. Animals A-Z Edits; Box Cars Math. Critical Thinking and the Middle School Student Critical thinking is the ability to read something, analyze it, and make real world applications with the information.

Its direct application will vary with the type of text students read.

Fun critical thinking activities for middle school students
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