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Politicians find newspapers very useful for conveying their political vie to the masses. Editors are bribed to write the wrong thing.

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The period for which the annual statements were to be furnished, was changed from the calendar to financial year in Public and personal grievances are reflected time to time in the newspapers. The quality of printing, a drawback with this medium all along, has since considerably improved, due to the improved printing technology.

They serve as a link between the people and the Government. At any cost, the editor of a newspaper must be honest and impartial. The largest number of newspapers and periodicals registered in any Indian language is in Hindi 25, What is the difference between Times of India newspaper and The Hindu and why do most people The Hindi daily press has a circulation of over 23 million copies, followed by English with over 8 million copies.

The Press Information Bureau is the central agency of the Government to give information to the Press on Government policies, programmes and activities, receive feedback from the people and advise the Government on its information policy.

It is most commonly accepted as a record of the current events. The Times of India has a daily circulation of four million three They build the nation and also guide the Government of the country.

The oldest daily newspaper, the Bombay Samachar is being published in Gujarat since Newspapers inform the people of the programmes, policies and activities of the government. They please the readers and provide plentiful food for thought.

The Times of India is the most widely read English language newspaper They wield much influence and power. The largest number of newspapers was published in Hindi 20,followed by English 7,Marathi 2,Urdu 2,Bengali 2,Gujarati 2,Tamil 2,Kannada 1,Malayalam 1, and Telugu 1, In its pages for transactions in the stock market the businessmen can read the rise and fall in the market.Essay on Newspapers: Most Popular Media in the Print Category!

The newspaper is the most popular media in the print category. Today reading newspapers is habitual activity for the educated people all over the world.

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InIndia had 45, newspapers, including daily newspapers published in. Why Newspaper is important in Modern Life? Newspaper at present has become an important factor to the people all over the world.

Modern people cannot think of starting their day without reading newspaper. Types: Newspapers are of different categories and for different periods such as daily newspaper, evening newspaper, and weekly newspaper.

With over 20 years of trust in our products, the international boating community knows that when it comes to a mount for electronics, they choose ‘a Scanstrut’. People also read English newspapers such as the Statesman, the Times of India, the Hindu, the Indian Express, the Telegraph, and the Asian Age etc.

Essay on Newspapers : Most Popular Media in the Print Category

The Eastern Times is an English newspaper which is published in Orissa. According to the Indian Readership Survey (IRS)the Times of India is the most widely read English newspaper in India with a readership of lakhs ( million).

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This ranks the Times of India as the top English daily in India by readership. The Times of India is the most widely read English language newspaper ( million), followed by Hindustan Times ( million), The Hindu ( million). The New Indian Express is another widely-read English language newspaper ( million).

Essay on times of india newspaper
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