Comparison between socrates and confucius

During the last dozen years of the Fifth Century, as Athens was losing her confidence and the war, individual advantage seems to have gained attractiveness for many Athenians in comparison with civic virtue and collective interests, if we judge from Alcibiades, the tyrants, Thrasymachus, and others.

One desiring to stand up, stands others up; one desiring to manage, helps others manage" VI, Confucius raised concrete demands on moral consciousness regarding the relationships among ordinary people.

Confucius clearly saw it and to stop the emerging of any secondary society and to set up an example, Confucius determined to hold himself back from any original thinking along the way of a new secondary society.

A Comparison of Confucius with Socrates to Show their Different Social Environments Confucius was the first Chinese critical thinker who tried to restore the social order and set up standards for human behaviour.

Both Confucius and Plato refused to Comparison between socrates and confucius such a view: Aeschylus and Pericles may be thought to represent the positive side; Alcibiades, the negative.

Without the guidance of wisdom, it was impossible to realize virtue. According to Confucius, Li was the etiquette which stemmed from the rites of the three dynasties before his time--improved and revised.

The king and his government did not possess their super state and did not have the power to manipulate state affairs. What Socrates sought was exactly the truth in life and in society.

Fang, a notable Chinese scholar, has recently pointed out that both Western and Chinese philosophers believe in the united one of heaven and man, and there is no fundamental difference among their beliefs.

You can finish reading Analects within a few hours but it is not the way to read it. The Platonic Socrates, i.

After the implementation of the reforms, membership in a deme was hereditary. That it is but rarely found among the common people is a fact long admitted" VI. Such a concept of truth is characteristic of secondary society, of which the construction is based on rational thinking.

In conclusion, Confucius clearly shows his opposition to the emerging man-made secondary society. In Confucius term, to learn is only to learn from their traditions and from senior members and from each other.

Solon freed the citizens of Athens from involuntary servitude through debt and sharpened the distinction between citizen and non-citizen. The Greek poetry changed in an opposite way: This line of thought reflects the attention Confucius paid to the values of family and clan, and his effort to buttress them to strengthen the patriarchal familial and social order.

From primary to secondary society is a critical step in human cultural evolution, and it thus provides a new powerful perspective to understand Western and Chinese philosophies and their difference. The Athens government used Socrates to stop others, or even to use him as a scapegoat to silence complaints.

He held that basic human needs transcend material goods and that the common nature of human beings consisted in pursuit of goodness and virtue. All these aretai were held to be eternal and unchanging.A comparison between Confucius and Socrates serves as an illustration to show how the two fatherly philosophers were hallmarked by their different social environments.

Socrates' most important contribution is the so-called Socratic Method while Confucius’s most important contribution is the ethical code of benevolence and righteousness. A Comparison Between the Ethics of Socrates and Confucius. Shu Jichen Ying Dabai Thomas Paxson Hangzhou Teachers' College Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

What are the differences and similarities between Socrates and Confucius?

Update Cancel. Who would win in a debate between Socrates and Confucius? Why are the differences and similarities between ego and love? What did Confucius say? A Comparison of Confucius with Plato and Aristotle in Political Philosophy. A Comparison of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle with Confucius, Both Socrates and Confucius are the first ethic philosophers in their culture who for the first time focused on the human world, society and life.

When Socrates meets Confucius Emotionales versus Rationales: A Comparison between Confucius and Socrates ABSTRACT Socrates regards rational knowledge as the decisive factor of human life and even ascribes all virtues and moral actions to it, thereby stressing the ‘rationales’ of ethics.

Transcript of Plato, Aristotle, Confucius Comparison. Confucius, Plato, and Aristotle Comparison of Ideas Plato Lived before Aristotle Student of Socrates Notable works include The Apology, Republic, and Parmenides.

Comparison between socrates and confucius
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