Causes for low literacy rate

Malnourished and overworked, they lead impoverished lives, cut off from mainstream education and productive employment, remaining ignorant and resigned to their fate. It aimed at attaining a literacy rate of 41 per cent by Thus, this all leads to the formation of a vicious circle.

One of the primary reasons for dismal literacy rates is inadequate school facilities. Illiteracy in India is more or less concerned with different forms of disparities that exist in the country.

10 Countries With the Worst Literacy Rates in the World

The outflux of such educated individuals creates a negative impact on the literacy rates of our country, lowering it further. Though they contribute to the illiteracy rate, many argue that we should let them be, as they have held on to their customs and way of life for centuries, which is what defines them.

Why are literacy levels low?

A series of RTIs filed by journalist Siddheshwar Shukla has revealed that during the past three years, the majority of mid-day meals being served to the Depriving children of basic reading and writing skills limits their opportunities to a bare minimum and inhibits their mental capacity to contribute productively to society and to their own betterment.

Education is a luxury they cannot afford. These families earn barely enough to feed their children one square meal a day. There are gender imbalances, income imbalances, state imbalances, caste imbalances, technological barriers which shape the literacy rates that exist in the country.

A major aspect that is slowly ruining the state of education is the commercialization of education both at the elementary and at the higher education levels. You have to be taught, or have to follow someone very closely. The mid-may meal scheme was started with the aim to provide nutritious diet to the children in order to prepare them better for their studies.

Inadequate Facilities Inadequate Facilities As population increases, so should development, in order to neutralize the negative effects of the former. Such backward thinking limits the scope of human achievement and is an unfortunate cause of illiteracy in our country.

Our development efforts need to be more radical, lasting and sound. Instead, the future of the children covered under this scheme seems to be clouded with flies and lizards in the food. India possesses the largest illiterate population. Consequently, the children of such households are also deprived of the opportunity to study in modern schools and free their minds of meaningless conventions and conservative ideologies.

The illiterate masses who often lack the means to educate themselves obviously cannot dream of shifting to another country to do so.

Around the world, two-thirds of adults who are illiterate are female, meaning that there are women unable to read and write.Care2 Causes | 10 Countries With the Worst Literacy Rates in the World.

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Adult and Family literacy in the US; limitations to our Nation’s success

By: Inthe literacy rate was higher for young. From what I understand, a general lack of resources results in a widespread lack of access to education. As in many places, both illiteracy and lack of access are even more pronounced in rural and remote areas.

The organization Room to Read got it. A higher literacy rate is an essential requirement for any nation to bring it at par on a global platform with other nations. Causes of Illiteracy in India. This low female literacy is also responsible for the dependency of women on men for activities which requires them to read and write.

Thus, this all leads to the formation of a. Low female literacy rate and its impact on our society Low female literacy rate means an overall sluggish growth of India, as it impacts every arena of the development.

Top 10 Common Causes of Illiteracy

Causes of low literacy rate in Pakistan by Muhammad Gulraiz Ahmed. Download. Research Project Causes Of Low Literacy Rate In Pakistan Sep NFC Institute of Engineering & Fertilizer Research Faisalabad Causes of Low Literacy Rate In Pakistan Causes of Low Literacy Rate In Pakistan Submitted By: Bilal Siddique 05 mi-centre.comz.

Low Female Literacy Rate and Its Impact on Our Society

Low literacy rates are a growing issue in the United States today. What are the benefits to improving literacy for adults and families? Low Literacy in the United States.

Causes for low literacy rate
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