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The general state of the economy influences how people spend their discretionary income. Marketing researchers should only collect information on consumers Bus 346 the sole Bus 346 of conducting marketing research endeavors. Laggards may never adopt a certain product or service.

Explain the difference between a price skimming and a Bus 346 penetration pricing strategy. A popular portfolio analysis tool developed by the Boston Consulting Group classifies all products into four Bus 346. Describe how marketing channels are managed.

Examine the circumstances in which collecting information on consumers is ethical. Examine the five service quality dimensions. List pricing practices that have the potential to deceive customers.

Segmenation Firms segment various markets by dividing the total market into those groups of customers with different needs, wants, or characteristics who therefore might appreciate products or services geared especially toward them. Marketers must be sensitive to such cultural issues to be successful Demographics: The competitors firms must monitor their competitors to discover how they might be appealing to their customers.

The first, stars, are in high growth markets and have high market shares. To complete the STP process, firms position their products or services according to the marketing mix variables so that target customers have a clear, distinct, and desirable understanding of what the product or service does Bus 346 represents relative to competing products or services.

Brand equity also encompasses the concept of perceived value, which is a subjective measure that consumers develop to assess the costs of obtaining the brand.

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The last P, promotion, informs customers and helps them get a positive image Summarize portfolio analysis and its use to evaluate marketing performance. Thus, firms make trade-offs between the first two Ps, product and price, to give customers the best value. The diffusion of innovation theory can help firms predict which types of customers will buy their products or services immediately upon introduction as well as later as they gain more acceptance in the market.

Information should not be collected under the guise of marketing research when the intent is to sell products or fund-raise Identify the advantages that brands provide firms and consumers. If you cannot be present for a test for a legitimate reasonlet me know beforehand - call me at my office and tell me, or leave a message on my answering machine.

Symbols can also be used for positioning, though few products or services are associated with symbols that are compelling enough to drive people to buy. The third category, question marks, are in high-growth markets, but have relatively low market shares.

Corporate partners Corporate partners: List the four pricing orientations. In a contractual marketing channel e. Steps to develop a new product: Customers enjoy an everyday low pricing strategy because they know that the price will always be about the same and a better price than the competition.

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An administered marketing channel occurs when a dominant and powerful marketing channel member has control over the other members. But when the economy gets bumpy, only well-honed marketing skills can yield long-term successes. Distinguish between brand extension and line extension.

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SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. When the economy is healthy, marketing success comes relatively easily. A SWOT analysis occurs during the second step in the strategic planning process, the situation analysis. Describe how a firm chooses which consumer group s to pursue with its marketing efforts.

Explain why marketers must consider their macro-environment when they make decisions. Honor Code Mercer University Atlanta expects each and every student to maintain the highest principles of academic honesty and integrity.

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BUS Define the role of marketing in organizations. 1. to create value to the product or service by commissions means, delivery means (when, where, & in qualities that the customer wants) 2. even further to create a relationship with the customer.

Mission Statement. The Stetson School of Business and Economics of Mercer University delivers career focused business education to develop entrepreneurial leaders and responsible global citizens.

BUS Introduction to Business. The course provides a general framework for students to develop an understanding of how businesses work, how they are managed, and how different business models are applied to existing businesses in today's fast paced business environment.

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