Biology degree coursework

Many factors are taken into account in reviewing an application including strength of coursework, leadership skills, and extracurricular activities.

In anatomy, you will study the composition of the human body and how it operates as a living organism.

Top 5 Online Schools for Bachelor of Biology Degree Programs

This degree program builds a career in growth industries such as health care, energy, and environmental science. For information about major coursework click here Degree Outcomes: Although the main principles of this field have long been in place, there is still plenty of scope for new discoveries and theories.

Excelsior College is a highly revered educational institution across the country that offers an online Bachelor of Science in Natural Science, which a concentration of the Biology degree.

Some of the main biology topics include: For more information, contact an advisor or e-mail scienceteaching unt. Molecular biology A study into the molecular basis of living systems, molecular biology aims to understand, at the most basic level possible, the nature and interactions of the units that make up living organisms.

Students are encouraged to discuss options with their academic advisers. At least 9 credits from Biology Program offerings e. Prescribed Work Common to All Options In the process of fulfilling degree requirements, all students must complete: Bellevue University biology majors will demonstrate strong Biology degree coursework in the ability to apply the principles of scientific methods by embracing the principles and practices of the biological sciences.

Students should aim to take Biology degree coursework course which relates to their primary interest areas first.

Biology Major Requirements

Cultural diversity in the United States: Meanwhile genetics involves an investigation of the relationships between the most basic building blocks and processes of an organism such as genes, proteins and metabolism, and the study of hereditary traits.

Please note, students may not earn the cultural diversity in the United States and the global cultures flags from the same course. Complementary or Supporting Science Requirements An understanding of math, chemistry, and physics is required for competing a Biology major. Biology, BSBIO The Bachelor of Science with a major in Biology is a four-year degree designed to prepare students for careers in biological sciences and graduate and professional programs, including medical school.

One specialization within this field would be marine and freshwater biology, which involves learning about the biology of aquatic organisms, including the management of aquatic environments and aquaculture.

Learn more about specific degree requirements for Teacher Certification in the undergraduate catalog.

Biology Programs

Excelsior College has been a national leader in distance educations sinceand students receive support from an institution that is deeply involved with online programs.

Every Amazing Thing Science Lovers Should Read, Follow and Listen To in Biology topics There are innumerable specializations and degree combinations available for those interested in studying biology. What courses a student takes depends largely on their career interests, and is best discussed with their advisor or our Student Services Office.

Mathematics CRor N and S. You may choose to specialize in one area of animal biology for the entirety of your degree, or opt to split your studies between two subject areas. Students who intend to take additional calculus coursework should begin the sequence with C or N.

Biology majors complete 21 credits of advanced biology coursework, including: You may also learn how disease and modern medicine relate to molecular function and dysfunction.

They may be used simultaneously to fulfill other requirements, unless otherwise specified. Program includes coursework in advanced biology, associated requirements in chemistry, physics, and mathematics, plus fulfillment of university and college core curriculum requirements. In this degree program specifically designed for working adults with family obligations, students have a short and speedy path to a natural sciences degree that is instructed by first-rate faculty members.

Advanced Biology Courses Advanced biology coursework allows students to tailor their degree program to their interests with over course options, making ours the most flexible life-science major on campus.

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Students enrolled as a biology major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences LAS have more flexibility with their mathematics options, and may choose to take statistics or math only in addition to the option of taking one semester of each.

In neurobiology you will concentrate solely on the nervous system, often focusing on the brain, with the goal of developing treatments for both psychiatric and neurological ailments, and contributing to the advancement of knowledge of the most complex and least understood part of the human body.

This degree program is perfect for students who are currently working in a relevant career path, or who are new Biology degree coursework the industry and are looking to start anew. Animal biology Also known as zoology, animal biology is the branch of biology which focuses on the biological principles and problems relating to animals.

Evolutionary biology A study of how life came to be the way it is today, evolutionary biology involves anything from exploring organisms at the cellular level to the study of entire ecosystems. A popular branch of molecular biology involves the study of DNA, with the goal of sequencing or mutating it in order to study the effects and possibilities of these processes.Sampling of Coursework: Genetics; Skeletal Keys; Physiology and Molecular Biology of Animals; Degree Outcomes: University of Florida biology graduates are prepared to enter careers fields such as environmental or biotechnology law, science journalism, bioscience management and more.

Bachelor of Science in Biology The Bachelor of Science in Biology offers personal and academic fulfillment and growth as students discover the amazing world of biology.

This degree prepares students for graduate and professional study, careers in life science. Obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at Iowa State University requires the completion of about 70 credits of coursework in math and sciences, in addition to satisfying other university and college-level requirements.

Many students will go above and beyond the minimum requirements of the Biology Program in order to pursue certain professional and graduate school opportunities.

Biology degrees are extremely diverse – ‘biology’ or ‘biological sciences’ covers a wide array of specialist subjects. From anatomy to ecology and microbiology to zoology, the course options available for those interested in pursuing studies in biology are extremely wide-ranging.

Approved Advanced Biology Courses Biology majors take a total of 21 advanced biology coursework related to their interests.

Of those 21 credits, 9 credits must be taken from BIOL, EEOB, or GDCB course offerings, and 2 courses need a laboratory/field component. B.S.

Biology Major Requirements – Advanced Biology Coursework

Biology Degree Requirements. The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree is recommended for students planning to be professional biologists in industry or governmental service, for graduate work in the biological sciences and for students planning careers in medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine.

Biology degree coursework
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