An overview of the topic of the running head and a gender difference study

It confirms that the majority of children had a minor head injury and were admitted for 24 h or less. This was not ideal, but the data collection was only funded for a 6-month time period.

The most common sports associated with injury were: Five children died at the scene of injury or on route to hospital, and six in the emergency department. Since the data were collected, health services for these children have been revised, with the introduction of regional trauma networks in April 37 and revision of the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence NICE head injury guidelines in This would suggest the need for inclusion in home-based safety interventions.

CT was reported as abnormal, but details of findings were missing for 72 cases. Status at 72 h after the injury The majority of children, The injury was the result of impact in This is one of a series of forthcoming publications using the study data. Fourteen children had been involved in motor vehicle accidents MVAs; three passenger-related, three involved cyclists, and eight were pedestrian-relatedfour were cases of suspected abusive head trauma, three were falls-related, and other mechanisms were recorded in three cases.

A total of 8. Severity of injury A GCS score was recorded in A study limitation is that data were collected for a 6-month time period during the winter. Figures may under-represent childhood head injuries that show peak prevalence in the summer. The associations between age, causation and social deprivation have the potential to inform targeted prevention.

The dataset had the same age and regional distribution as seen in national HES data, and monthly distribution of cases enrolled into the study followed a similar distribution to that for serious injuries set out in the TARNLET report 35 over the same 6-month period.

A head CT was performed in The mortality rate was 1 inpredominantly among victims of MVAs or abusive head trauma. The likelihood of having an abnormal CT scan was 1 in 13 for a young child with a head injury from any fall, rising to 1 in 4 for high-velocity head injuries from an MVA or where the cause of injury was unknown.

Only three children were taken directly to a hospital with paediatric major trauma facilities; nine children were transferred to a second hospital to access neurosurgery facilities.

Cause of head injuries Half of the incidents, The proportion of cases of abnormal CT was greatest in infants and children between 10 and 14 years and varied with cause of injury.

The Confidential Enquiry enabled us to describe the patterns of hospital admission for children with head injury across the UK. When it was not recorded, there was an AVPU score in The male preponderance 829—31 is likely to reflect exposure, as rugby and football were listed as the most common activities.

The majority, One in 10 children had an intracranial injury or skull fracture.Cause of head injury in children: gender, age, number and proportion of (a) children referred to social services and (b) abnormal head CT scans by cause Sports and recreation activities caused (%) of the injuries in the older children; there was a strong male preponderance.

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An overview of the topic of the running head and a gender difference study
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